Praise for "Six in 6/8"

"Six in 6/8’ does more in 20+ minutes than many albums do in 60. Expertly produced and performed by a first-rate selection of musicians, a terrific record full to the brim with fantastic songs." red guitar music

"Six of the best from this award winning wordsmith....all the songs are superbly crafted and David Leask possesses fine vocal talents..." maverick magazine

"the 6/8 time signature..underpins six beautifully mature songs, naturally & ingeniously"

rock 'n reel magazine

"Six in 6/8 features the talents of many fine musicians realizing the potential inherent in Leask’s work, but the heart of this collection resides with its moving and dramatic depiction of everyday lives. It encompasses moments of joy, discovery, loneliness, pain, and survival with straightforward language and a strong melodic emphasis."

 “David Leask’s Six in 6/8 is a heartfelt release exuding authenticity and warmth distinguished by exceptional songwriting…While Leask writes about time-tested subjects, the language has a degree of sophistication missing from popular material plastered across many mainstream platforms and radio outlets.”

"Leask's vocal is a masterclass in emotional major league Rock.  "Caught In The Tide" and "When You Think No One Loves You" feature that voice, in Prog mode against squalling guitars or gutsy soulful like a Marc Cohn or Liam O Maonlai from The Hothouse Flowers, always interesting."
 northern sky magazine

"Between Him & Me” concludes Six In 6/8 on a particularly satisfying note and, as a personal statement, is one many listeners will relate to. Leask rejects anyone dictating how his spiritual relationships will look and he pours ample emotion into the lyrics underlying his commitment to believe and live as he likes. It’s a thoughtful and assertive closer for a studio release that demands repeated hearings."

“When You Think No One Loves You” places the onus on Leask’s vocals and words to retain our attention and most listeners will find themselves spellbound.”  “Red Balloon” is one of the EP’s foundational tracks and it is obvious Leask labored long to polish this superb song. The characters and imagery present in the track aren’t easy to forget once you’ve heard it.”

“David Leask is little known outside of Canada, but this is a persuasive argument for spreading the word.”
 FATEA magazine

CAUSE SONG OF THE MONTH - "When You Think No One Loves You"

“You’d be hard-pressed to find another blue-eyed soul song with as much heart as “When You Think No One Loves You”…(the video) paints us a picture in cinematic visuals that contribute enormously to the audience’s interpretation of the lyrical narrative, but the imagery never clouds over the main source of emotion in this song the velvety vocal harmony.”

"Like witnessing the sun coming up after what felt like an endless night of sorrow, "When You Think No One Loves You" begins to change in tone and melody before our very ears, inevitably becoming the bright and shining day that we never knew we needed."

"There isn't a single word weighing down the performance and he accomplishes more with deft brushstrokes than many other songwriters ever reach."

"Immaculate crooning...meticulously arranged to keep us spellbound from the moment the song starts to the second that it disappears into the darkness from which it arose....Leask is still firing on all cylinders while approaching his fourth musical era in style, and you needn’t do much more than see the video for his new single to get what all of the buzz surrounding its release has been about."

"Canadian singer/songwriters are having a landmark year right now, but among the more consistent and remarkable in skill is Leask, who shows us once again that he's all about melodicism over muscularity in this most recent single."

"Designed for fans of bold songcraft, and specifically, contemporary crossover soul…  the song’s defined emotional core easily makes it one of the smarter pop singles to come out of the Canadian underground this season. “When You Think No One Loves You” is a simple composition with a sophisticated finish."

"Leask is flexing some serious songwriting muscle."

"Leask's got nothing to hide here, and in his wearing his heart on his sleeve, he reintroduces us to the brilliance of the classic Canadian vocal ballad itself."

"He's got an amazing gift as both a singer and a songwriter, and it's exhibited wonderfully in this latest release."