“There’s so many things we can’t hold, let it go” 

As some of you may know, I’ve been holding on to my latest record “Six in 6/8” for the last wee while. Well, I’m excited that the time has almost come to let it go.  The above words are actually from the song “Red Balloon” which was released last week as the first single to radio and the album will be officially launched in the world on Feb. 23rd

Tell me a bit about your new record? 
I feel this may be the most powerful record I’ve ever made. There’s something timely and emotional about it, six tunes that flow from celtic, country, folk, rock and soul all wrapped up in my favourite time signature, 6/8.  It was co-produced with the wonderfully talented Justin Abedin and involved a cast of 19 incredible musicians recorded by ten different engineers in 11 different studios from Toronto to Montreal & Nashville to Alabama. Last month I invited a small group of people to Canterbury Music to have their first listen and get their reactions.  Check out this video to see what they had to say. 

It takes a village to raise a song 
A lot of you have been with me on this journey over the last 20 years and 5 CD releases.  I’d be delighted to have your continued support by pre-ordering the new album directly from my website. The record is only ten dollars and I feel confident that if you are moved to buy it, you'll find something meaningful there.

Thanks as always for reading this and for coming along for the ride so far. 

Meet you in the music, 


Album Cover Artwork by Paul W. Thompson

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