INTO THE MYSTIC - Track 8 Video

As you can see, I am a proud daddy again and we had a very special night last Saturday back at Clarke Hall "wettin' the bairn's heed" :) We were blessed by the historic walls and a century's worth of musical vibrations as I sent my songs out into the air with the amazing Justin Abedin & Sean O'Connor.  Thanks so much to everyone who came out for the celebration.

For those who were unable to attend and don't have the CD/bonus DVD in hand yet, I am continuing the video previews this week with the only cover on the record, Van Morrison's "Into The Mystic".  It features multi-instrumentalist Sean O'Connor on flute & saxophone.  Sean & I concocted this mash-up with a traditional tune called Roger Sherlock's Dream during a spontaneous session at Feathers Pub last year and I liked it so much, I decided to record it.  Hope you enjoy the video below.

All the Pre-Sale CD orders have been shipped with the DVD and the good news is the bonus DVD offer has been extended.  Also, if you live in the digital world and just want MP3's, you can now order them directly from my site.  A CD/bonus DVD or digital album can be purchased here.  

Meet you in the music,  

Misty ship image by Daniel Davis

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