The first time I heard this song on Darrell Scott's record "A Crooked Road" it really spoke to me.  Maybe it was something in the melody or the powerful lyric but it stayed with me.  I had tracked everything for my record and very late in the game I decided to drop one tune and cut this track.  Perhaps it was a line like, "I will dig down to the bottom and fill me right back up", that resonated with my own process of what I had gone through during the process of writing and recording this record.  It's never easy to have the objectivity and put aside the ego and drop one of your own songs but I am so glad I did as it has become one of my favourites.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

As I recall, it was an early session at Canterbury Music in Toronto and Steve O' Connor sat at the grand piano and I was over in the vocal booth.  It took us a bit to find our pocket but Steve's beautiful piano playing inspired me and I had another keeper vocal before 11am.  Steve's brother Sean added some lovely haunting whistle and Kevin Fox laid down the rich cello textures and that was all we needed.

Recorded at Canterbury Music in Toronto. Engineered by Jeremy Darby. Additional overdubs at Jeddart Music in Mississauga. Mixed by Chad Carlson at Hippo Sound in Nashville and Mastered by Hank Williams. Produced by Justin Abedin & David Leask. Lead vocals - David Leask, Piano - Steve O' Connor, Whistle - Sean O' Connor, Cello - Kevin Fox.

This time ‘round I’ll be like water
I have learned to let it flow
Oh, there is no need to dam me
I will go where I must go
I'll drop this suit of armour
Put away my thorny crown
Gonna lay my heart wide open this time ‘round

This time ‘round I’ll be a giver
I have saved me long enough
I will dig down to the bottom
And I’ll fill me right back up
And I’ll end this search for saviour
I’ll be a lost without a found
A pilgrim on life’s highway this time ‘round

Every time I play the game of love I play to win
And it always breaks me open
And I try to fly but fall and crash and burn
That’s how I learn

This time ‘round I’ll be forgiving
I have harmed myself too long
I will speak the words of healing
And it will fill my heart with song
And I’ll sing this song with others
Who were born to make the sound
A ragged choir of angels this time ‘round

As I sail out on the ocean
And I look back on the shore
I can see the sweet perfection
Of the ones I’ve loved before
In each face I see the lesson
That has brought me here and now
They will all give me their blessing this time ‘round

Oh every time we play the game of love we play to win
And, it always breaks us open and we try to fly but fall and crash and burn
That's how we learn to love again
This time ‘round

Written by Darrell Scott & Beth Neilsen Chapman
Published by I Imagine Music & Prismlight Music


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