I had written down the song title "2nd Look" in my little title ideas book and brought it to a session with Debra Alexander.  She said, "What about "One Second Look?" and we were off and running, brainstorming around the idea of an epiphany. It's another lyric that has an underlying big idea so it was a challenge to keep a balance between simplicity and depth.  I love the way the epiphany could be as simple as falling in love after taking that second glance or something much bigger and more profound.   An interesting note about this song is that it has only three chords, unusual for me and all major chords too! Originally it had a few minors in there and I decided to make it more straight forward and I think it really helps get across the upbeat sentiment.

With this tune the band had the bed tracks bouncing along nicely out of the gate and I wanted to build on it's cheerful nature even further so I thought it might be cool to combine some rhythmic accordion & banjo, two instruments you don't always see sharing the same stage.  You might call it country-zydeco but it seemed to help widen the smile factor.  Justin came up with a beautiful spacious electric guitar part with a bit of a nod to Paul Simon.  

Recorded at Canterbury Music in Toronto. Engineered by Jeremy Darby. Overdubs at Jeddart Music in Mississauga. Mixed by Chad Carlson at Hippo Sound in Nashville and Mastered by Hank Williams. Produced by Justin Abedin & David Leask. Lead & BG Vocals - David Leask. Banjo, acoustic & electric guitar - Justin Abedin. Accordion - Steve O'Connor . Drums - Mark Mariash.  Bass - Drew Birston. Percussion - Davide Dorenzo

I never used to blink
Didn’t even bat an eye
Not a ripple in my hazy view
Like a stoner on a sweet grass high
Then you went and made me think
I kind of did a double take
I saw a little more than I did before
And I came up wide-awake

Hey hey hey,
It’s all good
I’m on my way
And all it took was one second look

I’m in a brand new world
Floating on a stream of light
Got a Technicolor sun and moon
An amazing kind of second sight
And so I thank my lucky stars
You found a way to get to me
Showed me how to shine, blew my mind
And I love the stuff I see

Hey hey hey,
It’s all good
I’m on my way
And all it took was one second look

© 2010 David Leask/Songs In The Air & Debra Alexander/Wordmaven Music