Well, it’s been a rich journey with this song from when it started as a flicker in my brain in 2019, to its release today into the world. I’m excited to reveal the first song, “Feet In Your Shoes”, from my upcoming album “One Ray of Light At A Time.”

After releasing 71 songs over the last 25 years, it felt like time to try something different.  “Feet In Your Shoes” is a song about empathy and that inspired me to release it as a free shareable e(Empathy) Card - a way for people to send a customized message with some musical encouragement to someone they think could use it.  I hope you'll give it try and be a part of the song’s continued journey.  Click on the image below to experience the song in this new format.

I was honoured to be asked to write a blog for MUSIC CARE by Room 217, an amazing organization that puts the “music” in caring across all kinds of situations. You can read about my personal story of where the song came from in the blog here.

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Photo by Pam Bell

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