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"If artists have to rely almost exclusively on the income from streaming services, they'll be out of work within a year." - David Byrne (article from The Guardian, click here)

I recently had an email from a fan who no longer buys CD's & mostly listens to music via a streaming service.  Understanding how little is paid to artists by Spotify, she wanted to support me by sending a donation.  After doing this and hearing the record, she posted on her twitter account “Just finished listening to David Leask’s “Six in 6/8”, OMG it’s one of the best albums I have ever heard. This album has an old soul that visits the current moment and makes everything seem familiar again.” 

The more I do music, the more I understand that we are all in this great big song together. We meet in the music. That’s most obvious at a live gig but we can also meet in the music when you listen on your own.  Streaming is a fantastic way for humans to access music, new and old, famous and obscure.  It’s empowering and pervasive.  And yet streaming revenue is set up right now in such a way that it benefits very few and is slowly killing off the music creators (Spotify’s recent IPO valued the company at $26,600,000,000.00 while artists receive $0.0045 per stream).  I believe music can feed the soul but there’s no way Spotify’s model of paying $0.0045 every time you stream a song will feed the artist. So what can we do? One solution is Feed the Stream.”  Use streaming services to access and enjoy the music you love and then go to the artists that you are being fed by and donate to them so they can keep going.  Help us all keep going together, no matter what gets in our way.

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