Track 12 - ALL MY LOVE

This is another tune co-written with Daryl Burgess who also co-wrote You've Got My World.  It was written over two fun sessions at SOCAN house in Nashville almost exactly a year apart.  I brought a little baby musical idea to the session and as we began working on it, it was cool to hear the way Daryl experimented with the phrasing of my original melody.  The idea grew up to be a bouncy little love song with a Rhythm & Bluegrass vibe!

This track was mostly recorded in Nashville, first at Steve Brewster's studio where we laid down some groovy bass & drums with Steve & Clay Krasner.  Then a few months later on a separate trip, I brought in Justin Moses, a very talented multi-instrumentalist who added the sweet fiddle, mandolin and Dobro.  Back in Toronto, I had Steve O' Connor add his own fine chops on Wurlitzer and B3 organ and it began to wander merrily down the road of Rhythm & Bluegrass.  

Recorded at Brewbeat Studios in Nashville, engineered by Steve Brewster.  Additional recording at Jeddart Music & Canterbury Music & Sweetbriar Recording Studio in Nashville. Mixed by Chad Carlson at Hippo Sound in Nashville and Mastered by Hank Williams. Produced by Justin Abedin & David Leask. Lead & BG vocals & acoustic guitar- David Leask. Fiddle, mandolin & Dobro - Justin Moses. Drums & percussion - Steve Brewster. Electric bass - Clay Krasner. Wurlitzer & B3 Organ - Steve O' Connor.

All my love, all my faith
All my love I wanna give to you
All my love, is yours to take
Let every day start and end with you

I’ll hold you when the nighttime falls
I wanna be the smile in the memories you recall
All my love, all my love
All my love is true and it’s all coming home to you

All my time is standing still
And all I am is hanging on a kiss
All my heart is yours to thrill
'Cause you’re all the things I know I can’t resist

I wanna be the moon in your sky
The message that you find that just rolled in on the tide saying
All my love, all my love
All my love is true and it’s all coming home to you

'Til all my days are gone
My love will always find its way back into your arms
I'll bring it home to you
'Cause you know what to do with

All my love, all my love,
all my love is coming on home, coming on home
All my love, all my love, all my love, is all coming home to you

Written by David Leask & Daryl Burgess
Published by Songs In The Air & Daryl Burgess © 2011